Bistro celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

Last week, Chef Scott cooked a menu to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.


Scott and his two helpers pose for a picture in the kitchen. photo by Gabrielle Pesek

by Gabrielle Pesek, Writer

Last week, chef Scott put together a menu to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

Senior, Sofia Giocondo was just one of the many who bought last week’s lunch.

“I bought lunch on Wednesday and Thursday,” Giocondo said. “It was different and absolutely delicious.”

Scott said French Heritage month helped inspire his idea to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

“Last year we did something for French Heritage month,” Scott said. “We enjoyed doing that, so I knew that when Hispanic Heritage month came around this year, we wanted to do something.”

The menu for the week was as follows:

Monday – Aji ole Gallina Arroz Papa Whole Fruit

Tuesday – Pernil al Forno Arroz con Gandules Tostones Whole Fruit

Wednesday – Arroz con Pollo Whole Fruit

Thursday –  Seco de Carne Arroz Papa Whole Fruit

Friday – Papa a la Huancaina Tallarines Rojoas Whole Fruit