History class dresses in character

Students earned bonus points for their costumes.


Students in Papineau’s AP United States history class posed for a picture in their costumes Sept. 29. photo courtesy of Anne Papineau

by Trang Nguyen, Breaking News Editor

Students dressed up as colonial figures in AP United States history class. Social studies teacher Anne Papineau was the teacher in charge for the historical simulation. This is the first year Papineau has used this idea in her classes.

“I got the idea through an AP United States history seminar I went to this summer,” Papineau said. “The best costumes I’ve seen so far are Benjamin Franklin by junior Alexa Crimmins, George Washington by juniors Lorna Green and Sophie Didier and Martha Washington by junior Caroline Reynolds.”

AP United States history student and junior Rose Crowe says dressing up as a colonial figure makes the learning more fun, but she still struggled with her costume.

“I didn’t really want to wear it all day because you had to put it on during passing period.”

Junior Cece Curran also had problems when putting together her costume.

“The hardest part was definitely making my costume stand out from other people,” Curran said. “British men at the time all dressed the same, so that part was difficult.”

Curran says that dressing up for history gives it a fun twist.

“It absolutely makes history more fun,” Curran said. “Getting into character makes it more memorable and the information sticks with you better.”

Papineau plans to have the students dress up multiple times this year.