Police officers talk with students about policies on drinking and drugs

Students attended a mandatory presentation on drinking and drug abuse coordinated by SADD club Sept. 22.


Students raise their hands to ask DiMartino questions on drinking and drug abuse laws Sept. 22. photo by Trang Nguyen

by Trang Nguyen, Breaking News Editor

Police officer DiMartino and Fire Captain Schloegel talked to students about drinking and drug abuse policies during activities one and two Sept. 22. The meeting was held in the auditorium and was mandatory for all students.

At the start of the meeting, the president of SADD Club, Maureen Egan, introduced the officers. DiMartino announced himself as a St. Peter’s graduate.

DiMartino first started out the meeting with a brief overview of MIP, minor in possession, and DUI, driving under the influence [of alcohol or other drugs]. DiMartino talked about the consequences with irresponsible drinking.

“I’m never going to preach not to do this or that,” DiMartino said. “Everything has consequences.”

SADD club moderator Casey O’Flaherty always tries to have some form of information sent out to the students before Teresian about drinking and driving or destructive decisions.

“Since I was new to the club last year, I didn’t have enough time to organize a speaker like I did this year, which has been planned since August,” O’Flaherty said. “However it is always the intention of the club to do information weeks or speakers before big events like Teresian and Prom.”

Most of the meeting, the students asked DiMartino specific questions similar to, “At what point can the police enter a house at a party?”

“If the police have shown up, and you lock the door, they are not just going to leave,” DiMartino said. The students laughed in response to DiMartino’s answer.

DiMartino wanted the students to take at least one statement away from this meeting:

“If you see a friend going down the wrong path, please, step in.”