Students dress up for the first Teresian spirit week

Students could dress up in themes for spirit week from Sept. 18-22.


From left to right juniors Isabel Thornton, Caroline Armstrong, Caroline Penner, Grace Boers, Kate Coppinger, Camille Begnaud, Caroline Stuckey and Olivia Wirtz on workout day, Sept. 20. photo by Ella Norton

by Ella Norton, Writer

STA had spirit week Sept. 18-22, where students could dress up in preparation for the Teresian dance.

It started with character day on Monday, Sept. 18. Students could dress up as one of their favorite characters for the day from movies to TV shows to books.

Next was KC day on Tuesday, Sept. 19. This was the day where students could go all out in their Kansas City apparel.

Workout day was afterward on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Students could dress up in any sort of workout clothes, but many chose an 80’s theme.

Pajama Day was Thursday, Sept. 21. Students could wear any sort of pajamas they liked. September advisory parties were on the same day.

The week ended with Extreme Black and Yellow Day on Friday, Sept. 22. Students could go all out with the school’s colors black and yellow.

“I think it’s really fun dressing up and stuff because you’re not wearing your uniform so you can be comfortable,” freshman Lydia Stiles said.

This was the school’s first year ever doing a spirit week.

“I like that we got to dive in and be really extra with whatever you did,” freshman Ella Sowle said. “We had spirit week at my old school, so I was kind of surprised that they said that the school had never had spirit weeks before because I really enjoyed them.”