From place to place: A chat with some of STA’s transfer and exchange students

Many transfer and exchange students have joined the STA community for the 2017-18 year. The Dart talked to a few of them about their time at STA so far.


by Anna Ronan, Writer

Charlotte “Lotte” Lind is a sophomore. She is an exchange student from Germany who will be staying in Kansas City with her cousin, Clare Ryan, through the first semester.

What is it like having all of your classes in a foreign language?

I can’t understand all of the words, but I can generally understand the context. Spanish is the hardest for me because I am learning a language that I don’t know in another language that is not my first.

What is your favorite experience in Kansas City/STA so far?

I helped at a big church in the city with a gold roof, and we helped the homeless. I also went to the Royals game, and that was very fun.

When you came to the United States what were some of the things you noticed about the city and the atmosphere?

I remember at the airport there was a man there that was singing and directing people, it was very cool to see that. The people here in Kansas City are very nice. In Germany you walk alone, but here people on the street always greet you.

What do you think about the atmosphere of STA?

The girls are all very nice. Even if I can’t remember their names, they always greet me in the hallways. The classes are harder in some ways, but I can understand most of it.

What are some things you want to accomplish at STA/USA?

I want to run in a cross country race, make new friends and try all American candy.


Avery Smith is a sophomore who transferred from Blue Valley North to STA.

Why did you choose STA?

I wanted to get out of the public school system, and I didn’t know that many people here, so I figured it would be a fresh start.

What do you think about the atmosphere of STA?

The people are a lot nicer, and they want to help you any way they can. The classes are more challenging, but the teachers are a lot nicer and more willing to help you out, and there aren’t as many distractions here. There’s no guys.

What is your favorite experience at STA so far?

Probably meeting a lot of new people and getting invited to Rockhurst games and hanging out with new friends.


Isabel Thornton is a junior who transferred from Sion Upper School to STA.

Why did you choose STA?

I just kind of wanted a change. I was just there (Sion) all my life, and so I just got kind of bored, and I wanted to transfer. I have a lot more friends here, and it’s a bigger school.

What are the major cultural differences between where you’re from and STA?

I think at STA, the teachers are more one-on-one with you. They care about your personal life, and they want to get to know you and it’s not just a regular class. It’s just a lot more fun, there’s more activities and the people are so welcoming.

What do you think about the atmosphere of STA?

With the four different buildings, Sion was just one small building, and these are so huge, and all the stairs and I have to get used to which classes are in which building. I think in the classes, it’s a little bit easier, but there’s a ton of homework.

What are some things you want to accomplish at STA?

I kind of just want to figure out what I want to do with my life, I guess.