Spotify is officially my biggest timewaster

These are my favorite Spotify playlists that I have ever created.

Spotify is officially my biggest timewaster

by Kate Jones, Multimedia Editor

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. This week I’m going to be talking about probably my biggest time waster and one of my favorite things in the world: Spotify. I spend hours perfecting my playlists, discovering new music and stalking other people’s accounts looking through their music taste. I love music. I love singing. I love listening to the radio (well only sometimes). I love going to concerts. I love musicals. Mostly, however, I love Spotify. This week I’m going to do one of those annoying Buzzfeed/Odyssey listicles that everyone secretly loves, so buckle up and enjoy my favorite Spotify playlists.




Musicals: My “musical” playlist is probably my favorite one I have ever made. I’m a sucker for a good musical and I love seeing them. I’m not afraid to admit to reenacting them either in my room or in the shower. This playlist has all of my favorite musicals of all time, from Hamilton to Newsies and even Shrek: The Musical. The playlist is 20 hours and 54 minutes, so it might take awhile to listen to all of it, but I promise you that you won’t regret it. (Unless of course you have no soul and don’t like musicals… then you might.)





Better Times: This playlist is very near and dear to my heart. I made this playlist last fall and it is all of the songs that I listened to when I was “sad”. Last fall was a terrible time for everyone, and I often times just pretend like it never happened, but sometimes when I feel gloomy I go back and look at these songs. After you get past all the Sufjan Stevens and Beach House the songs aren’t all that sad, but it definitely has a melancholy feel to it.






A little much for me: Sticking to the melancholy theme… This playlist is my go to anxiety playlist. Now, I didn’t make this playlist at a specific time when I was really anxious, but I do often listen to it when it feels like the world is closing in on me. If you ever need a good cry or just want some music to fall asleep to, this is your go-to playlist. Or you could just put on either of The Lumineers albums and that would work too.







This Strange Effect: Named after one of my favorite Kinks songs, this has all my favorite classic artists on it. The Beatles, Bowie and the Velvet Underground all bring me an immense amount of joy and these are my favorite songs by them. Now, this playlist is still a work in progress because I’m always discovering new “old” music to listen to. Shout out to my pal Lia Biritz for helping me discover the amazing genius of the 60s and 70s.






Blame it on my roots: This one is a shocker. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would call myself, Kate Jones, a COUNTRY MUSIC FAN. Nonetheless, I now have a Spotify playlist dedicated to the genre that for years I swore off. I’m not saying that country music has lyrical genius, or even denying that the majority of the songs are sexist and misogynistic. You cannot deny, however, that the joys of listening to country music on a hot summer day, with all windows down, is one of the best feelings in the world.





It still doesn’t feel like summer: Ahhh if only it was summer again. I made this playlist during the beginning of this summer. It has been with me through all of my travels this year: Hawaii, Europe and camp. The songs on this playlist are kind of an eclectic mix, but whenever I listen to it I get really happy because it reminds me of summer.





Alright, well those are six of my favorite playlists on Spotify, but trust me there are a lot more on there, so go ahead and click that follow button, so you can keep up to date with my account. (Haha just kidding… only not really because I take Spotify very seriously.)