Don’t be afraid to go solo to Teresian

Taking a date to Teresian out of necessity needs to stop.


by Annabelle Meloy, News Editor

“Who are you taking to the dance? Oh, what grade is he in? Is he cute?” Stop. Right there. In the weeks leading up to the Teresian dance, it has been these three questions asked over and over, ringing throughout the school like a broken record.

And I’m starting to feel that if I get asked one more time who I’m taking to the dance, I just might boycott it. Why does Teresian have to be all about finding a date? To me, a date is a guy you take to look good with in pictures and then end up eventually abandoning anyway to hang out with your friends. Girls are starting to get more stressed than the actual Teresian staff when it comes to planning their dance experience.

Honestly, I’m frustrated with feeling bad that I’d rather hang out with a group of friends than uncomfortably walk around with a guy I took out of necessity.

That’s what I find wrong with the Teresian “dating pool.” Girls with dates hurriedly try to hook their friends up with one days before the dance starts, or a girl goes with someone she barely knows because that’s what is required at a dance, a date.

To me, the thought that you absolutely have to find a date just because it’s the social norm is ridiculous. And I’m not saying a girl with a date is wrong if that’s what she wants to do, but most of the time, girls are pressured into asking someone. This year alone, I’ve witnessed three groups that have threatened to kick someone out if they don’t find a date in time.

People think, “Oh, it’s awkward if she’s the only one.” But truthfully, that just puts girls down and creates a level of exclusivity that we shouldn’t have at our school.

Just think about the aspects of Teresian that are more fun. For instance, put your effort into buying a great dress that makes you feel good or look forward to fooling around with your friends on the dance floor. Just stop making everything about a date because to me, that diminishes the thought of having an amazing time with your STA sisters.

I feel a sense of independence and pride choosing not to have a date to Teresian. Last year, I went with a huge group of just my friends, and we had the most amazing time. The dance should be an opportunity to connect with your friends and have a good time, so go have a great dance without the stress of poster proposals standing in the way.