STA welcomes newest faculty members

Four new faculty members join STA’s community.

by Annabelle Meloy, News Editor

Annabelle Meloy
New social studies teacher, Andrew Meyer, helps students during the club fair August 29 in the quad. Meyer was hired this year in place of Patrick Nielsen.

This year, STA has added four new teachers in a variety of departments including math, science, social studies and campus ministry. Vickie Albritton has joined STA as the newest math teacher to help fill the role of Ashley White and will primarily help with geometry. Matthew Lewis has also taken over as the new physics teacher in place of Terry Conner while also helping out with science extracurriculars like robotics.

In the absence of Patrick Nielsen, Andrew Meyer has been added as a new social studies teacher.

“Even though I am still nervous and getting more comfortable, the faculty and the girls especially are really great and welcoming here, so I’ve really enjoyed being able to get to know all the students,” Meyer said.

Andrea Essner, the new head of campus ministry, had a similar outlook on STA.

‘The thing I’m most excited about for this job is helping girls use faith to see who they can truly be,” Essner said. “So I’m really enthused about being able to share that part of life with girls, and I will feel especially honored if they choose to share it with me as well.”

STA has also welcomed back Robert Tonnies and Sarah Taber as English teachers.