STA breaks ground on additions to Goppert Center

A ground breaking ceremony was held on April 4 in the Goppert Center to celebrate the launch of construction, which will begin this summer.

by Zoe Butler and Anna Kate Powell

With the renovations on Goppert Center planned to start this upcoming summer, STA held a ground breaking ceremony on May 4 in Goppert Center. Students, faculty, the Capital Campaign cabinet members, the sisters of St. Joseph, workers from JE Dunn construction, Gould Evans Associates, Kissick construction and Bishop James Johnston were all in attendance.

Immediately following the ceremony, students were asked to return to class while everyone else headed outside to where many different honorary members took turns overturning the dirt. The top layer of dirt had been blessed with holy water by Bishop Johnston.

“We wanted the significance of this historical event to be special,” STA president Nan Bone wrote. “The ground he blessed was carried outside to be part of the building.”

Only a few years back, in 2011, STA was in a similar position with the building of the Windmoor Center. According to Bone, the ceremony and process have been very similar, and both are done in the hopes of bettering the standards of educating.

“Thousands and thousands of young women have graced STA with their passion for learning and serving the dear neighbor for 150 years,” Bone said at the ceremony. “It is this legacy that gives us inspiration and courage to embark on this campaign that will lead our next generation into the future, helping us to carry on the mission of the sisters of St. Joseph.”