Think First Foundation gives presentation at STA

Think First, a foundation dedicated to preventing injury, came to STA to give a presentation on distracted driving.


Lily Manning

Think First is a foundation dedicated to preventing injuries of all types. In teens, they are particularly dedicated to preventing injury caused by distracted driving. Photo courtesy of Think First

by Lily Manning, News Editor

Think First, a national foundation dedicated to preventing injury of all types, came to STA March 27 to give a presentation on safe driving. The presentation included information and facts from a nurse in the Think First foundation, a testimony about distracted driving from a former student from the Blue Valley school district who survived after sustaining life threatening injuries from a car accident, and eye witness accounts of car accidents from a Missouri State Trooper.

Days before the presentation, Think First came to STA in the morning for a random seat belt check. At the presentation the speakers announced that 97 percent of the students checked for seat belts that morning were wearing one, this number being higher than a lot of the other high schools in the Kansas City area.