Star Spotlight: Francine Vaughn

Francine Vaughn competes in competitive gymnastics along with being a STA sophomore.

by Katie Mulhern and Gabby Martinez

photos by Gabby Martinez
story by Katie Mulhern

The Dart: How did you get started in gymnastics?

Vaughn: I’ve done it forever. Probably since I was two.


The Dart: Where do you practice? Do you like it there?

Vaughn: I practice at Eagles Gymnastics. I go Monday through Thursday for four hours and Saturday for four hours. Then I don’t have practice Friday or Sunday but sometimes will go in an extra Friday so it just depends. I really like it there.


The Dart: What is your favorite apparatus?

Vaughn: It kinda depends, it changes. It’s usually either floor or beam.


The Dart: Do you see yourself having a future career in gymnastics?

Vaughn: I don’t want to go to the Olympics or anything but I want to do it in college. I haven’t really thought about any specific colleges I want to compete at. Just wherever.


The Dart: Is it hard to balance school work and gymnastics?

Vaughn: It’s hard when I miss a lot of school. In February I think I missed about 11 days overall, which is about half the month. We have to travel because I compete Friday mornings and we go to places like Colorado or Chicago, those are two places I went this year. Coming up I’m going to State, then after that I have regionals and I might make Westerns.


The Dart: Who is your biggest role model in gymnastics?

Vaughn: I look up to older teammates and girls who graduated. Obviously the girls in the Olympics, because that’s cool, but not a specific person.