Students selected for Avila Invitational High School Exhibit

STA artists and designers were accepted into the Avila Invitational High School Exhibit at the Thornhill Gallery.


This piece, entitled “Tone’na”, by junior Lizzy Zirkel was one of her two artworks to be selected for the Avila University High School Invitational Art Exhibit. photo courtesy of Lizzy Zirkel

by Hannah Jirousek, Staff Writer

The following STA artists and designers were accepted into the 12th Annual Avila Invitational High School Art Exhibit. These students’ artwork will displayed from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 at the Thornhill Gallery. An opening reception will be held Feb. 26, from 2–4 pm.

»Sarah Ferron: Graphite, Mixed                         

»Ellie Grever: Acrylic                       

»Lizzy Zirkel: Ink, Pastel                        

»Kelsey Zimmerman: Collage                       

»Caterina DeRousse: Scratch board

»Alexis Batliner: Design

»Sarah Cozad: Design

»Ruthie McKee: Design

»Isabella Patterson: Design

»Macy Trujillo: Design

»Raegan Coppinger: Design

Avila’s Thornhill Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment.