New Academy 150 capital campaign launches

The Academy 150 Capital Campaign goes public to raise eight millon dollars to fund renovations to the Goppert Center and campus maintenance.


A graphic from the Academy 150 Capital Campaign introduces the campus projects, emphasizing the updates to the Goppert Center. Informational pamphlets are expected to be mailed out in the coming weeks. graphic courtesy of Nan Bone

by Hannah Jirousek, Staff writer

The Academy 150 Capital Campaign will soon go public after a year of preparation and private fundraising. The campaign began with rigorous research and need assessments for students, teachers, and the campus to evaluate necessary steps for improvement. After plans were created, silent fundraising began, already receiving seven million in donations so far.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $15 million for several different school projects. One million will be directed towards campus preservation, such as utility maintenance and creating an arboretum. Three million will go towards an endowment for greater student financial aid and teacher salary raises. The remaining $11 million of the total campaign will go towards the Goppert Center renovations.

These renovations are intended to introduce more collaborative spaces to students, improve sport facilities, and utilize space more efficiently.

“This [renovation] should project us ten years into the future,” STA president Nan Bone said.

Constructions plans for the main floor of the Goppert Center include adding an elevator, new storage areas, group work spaces for students and relocating several classrooms to the building, including the Campus Ministry department. On the lower level, a robotics lab and work area will be built as well as an upgraded locker room and fitness center. A outdoor learning space is expected to be included on the front side of Goppert to allow teachers to conduct class outside.

The Goppert redevelopment project is set to begin this summer and last approximately 11 months. The extensive renovation is expected to be complete by the fall of 2018.