DartTube: PUG & Co. Pugs, Unicorns and Glitter – A Karlin Kabaret Tribute

The production was performed by former students and friends of Karlin Jan. 3, 2017.

Poster for the PUGS & Co. Pugs, Unicorns and Glitter: A Karlin Kabaret Tribute. photo courtesy of Shana Prentiss

Poster for the PUGS & Co. Pugs, Unicorns and Glitter: A Karlin Kabaret Tribute. photo courtesy of Shana Prentiss

by Alex Davis and Julia Kerrigan

story by Alex Davis

St. Teresa’s Academy staff accompanist and piano teacher Steven Jeffrey Karlin passed away Friday Oct. 21, 2016 at his home. Karlin was a part of numerous communities within Kansas City, including Karlin Kabaret. Karlin Kabaret is an annual production hosted at STA that features various music arrangements. In honor of Karlin, both current and former students of his came together to pay one more final tribute Jan. 3, 2017: PUG. & Co. Pugs, Unicorns, and Glitter.

videography by Alex Davis and Julia Kerrigan
editing by Alex Davis


Note from the Cast

Thank you all so much for coming to tonight’s Karlin Kabaret Tribute performance: “PUG & Co. Pugs, Unicorns, and Glitter!” It means so much to us and all Steven’s family and friends to see you here celebrating his life with us. Whether you knew Steven personally or just in passing, it’s clear that he was a light in our community and lives.

Steven taught all of us performers so much about music: not just how to sing jazzy harmonies or “STOP SINGING FLAT!” but how to love music and love ourselves. He never asked for anything in return (except of course, food from anywhere and everywhere). Looking back on it, we all realize how much we took his selflessness for granted – putting on this show without him showed us just how demanding it really is. And yet, Steven organized it every year, always with a smile on his face and a sassy comment on the tip of his tongue.

More than just a teacher, though, Steven was our friend. When one of us was feeling down, he never failed to reach out or pull us aside for comfort. That’s just the kind of person he was – so much love and so much willingness to share it with those who needed it. He could make us laugh and cry, in the most genuine way. Yes, he loved stealing our phones and typing in auto correct words (changing “yes” to “Geisha Pancake” and “no” to “Pecan Pie”), but with that humor came a deep rooted compassion and friendship with those who were privileged enough to know him.

Steven’s legacy will live on years after tonight, because a spirit as bright, wholesome, and glittery as his can never fade. He left us too soon, so it is our job to tell the stories he told us, and to teach the lessons he taught us: stories of passion and friendship, and how to make a parade of every moment. Every time we sing, dance, laugh, or cry, Steven is why we tell the story.


With love and sass,

The cast of PUG & Co.