Gallery: Seniors host Christmas fundraiser

The class of 2017 hosted a new Christmas fundraiser for their prom and class gift.

by Meggie Mayer, Staff Photographer

Early Thursday morning, STA seniors gathered in the quad despite the high-30s, early December wind. The students hung up brightly colored ornaments on bare tree limbs and untangled bright fluorescent lights, draping them throughout the quad. Annually, seniors volunteer to decorate the campus to spark the excitement of the holiday season. This year, in addition to decorating the quad, seniors organized a Christmas-themed party as a fundraiser. Welcoming all students, the party was held during both Activity periods in Windmoor Dec. 1. The seniors organized the fundraisers to raise money for the senior class gift and senior prom. In preparation of the celebration, each advisory elected one senior representative to be responsible for selling tickets and encouraging their advisees to attend. As a class, seniors signed up to bring food, pump pots, paper cups, candy canes, hot cocoa and water bottles to distribute to students. Seniors also volunteered to be on marketing and decorating committees, gathering for meetings to organize and coordinate the event. An admission ticket cost $3 to both dress down and attend the party.

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