Everyone’s path to a college decision is different

Everyone experiences their college decision differently.


by Helen Krause, Staff Photographer

On a brisk, beautiful Monday morning in February of my junior year, my mom and I began our 9 hour journey back home from the campus of my not yet known future college in Colorado Springs. I recalled the dorms, rec center, and multiple academic buildings, all plopped right to the east of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. I had just been on my first ever official recruiting college visit for lacrosse. There were many aspects to consider before making my decision but deep down I had already fallen in love with the school.

My mom proceeded to ask the classic “mom” questions: What was your favorite part of the campus? What about the distance from home? What did you like about the school? And finally the question that sealed the deal, What didn’t you like about the school?  Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t come up with one reason not to choose The University of Colorado Colorado Springs. It had everything I wanted in a school and I got to continue playing a sport I love for another 4 years. The next day I sent an email confirming my verbal commitment to play women’s lacrosse at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Skipping ahead to August of my senior year of high school the stress of college applications and resumes had already begun. College reps began flooding the STA campus and there was no escaping the question- What schools are you looking at for college? Yet, I felt at ease because I knew exactly where I was going and what I wanted to study. My friends told me how lucky I was to have everything figured out and knowing I’d never have to take the ACT again. A lot of people didn’t understand I had to put in a lot of work the summer going into my junior and senior year. Constantly traveling, looking up schools, awkward phone calls to coaches, and taking the ACT before I really felt ready to. I still had to worry about  whether or not I would get accepted into my college in the first place, let alone be offered a spot on the team. So, even though I’ve gotten to skip the anticipation and anxiety of senior year college decisions, I have had my fair share of meltdowns and disappointments, just a little bit earlier than my friends. Everyone has their own journey to finding a college, just trust in the process, work hard, and everything will work out.