Teachers lead students in walks

Students and teachers are taking walks around Brookside during activity.

Junior Catherine Ebbitts, left, talks to physics teacher Terry Conner while walking to Loose Park Nov. 17. The walk was led by Conner and occurred activity period 1. photo by Anna Louise Sih
photos by Anna Louise Sih, story by Lucy Whittaker, video by Paige Powell

It’s been a long week and a rough first half of the day. You’ve been sitting inside all day and want nothing more than to take a break. So instead of going to an open room for activity, you walk around Brookside with Mrs. Greene. You stroll down Westover, admiring the changing leaves and the beautiful fall weather. When the walk is over you return to your day feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

These teacher-led walks are a way for students and teachers alike to relax and take a break during the day.

“I think it’s a way to do something different and get moving,” theology teacher Jennifer Greene said.

Greene was the first teacher to lead the walks with the students that started the week of Nov. 7. Teachers and students meet in the Goppert Center and walk around Brookside during Activity 1.

“The group that I had was just strolling and visiting, so we just did a loop through the neighborhood but I know Quick had some up to Loose Park and back,” Greene said.

English teacher Jenny Quick thought that it is also important to be able to “unplug” for an Activity and be able to take a break during the day.

“The purpose of [the walks] is to able to break away from the intensity of our academics, because I know this can be an intense academic environment,”Quick said.

Another reason the walks started was because of the recent nice weather.

“It’s good for [teachers] too, to get out of the classroom and wander around for a bit and enjoy the nice weather,” history teacher Craig Whitney said.

Sophomore Emily Robyn thought the walks were helpful to clear her head during the day.

“I had already eaten lunch and had all my homework done. I thought it would be a good way to clear my head and spend some time outside,” Robyn said.

Greene and Quick have also gotten to know different students better because of the walks.

“It’s so organic because the girls lead the conversation and I’ve learned so much about the girls since this is my first year,” Quick said.

Whitney said he took a walk to the Commons one day this fall with seniors Mackenzie O’Guin and Kelly Hulsey during activity which brought up the idea of taking walks during activity.

“Yeah I remember thinking wow, this is nice. We were just out here, strolling along during activity,” Whitney said.

Both Greene and Quick hope that the walks will resume in the spring when the weather gets nicer.

“I hope that the walks continue because, especially coming from a literature background, I’m a huge fan of a lot of nature writers and they make the case that to truly be present you have to withdraw into nature and I think that’s a beautiful thing,” Quick said.