2016-17 News Feed Compilation: Issue 4

Current events from around the world, country, state and city.



Protestors take part in a protest march for higher minimum wages for fast food workers in March in Kansas City. Minimum wage workers are more likely to work more than one job to make ends meet, putting them at risk for a host of health problems. photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

by Sophy Silva, Staff Writer

In the world

The world’s largest solar power plant opened in India on Nov 30 , and it is around 648 megawatts, beating the previous record holder in California. India has been working on solar technology for the past few years, and they plan on adding additional solar panels to the new plant. With the increase of technology in India, the number of solar plant projects has rapidly increased.

In the US

Pueblo, CO is facing the crisis of the national nurse shortage. Pueblo currently does not have enough nurses working in their hospitals, and some patients are not receiving their proper care because of this. The town is talking about changing care methods, since they believe the shortage will not end for a while.

In Missouri

Missouri state Senator Doug Libla proposed a bill that gives harsher punishments for those who attack members of law enforcement. Libla believes that this would help decrease the number of crimes against officers and first responders. The plan has not yet been released to the public, but if passed, Libla says it will offer more protection to those in law enforcement.

In Kansas City

Rallies were held nationwide, with one of them happening in Kansas City on 63rd Street and Paseo. The Kansas City rally was held on Nov 28, and people called to have minimum wage raised to be 15 dollars per hour, as well as more protection of the working class. The rally was held to discuss issues that protestors believe may come up when Trump takes office.