Say you’re moving to Canada one more time

Complaining about Donald Trump won’t solve any problems now.


by Victoria Cahoon, Breaking News Editor

Take a deep breath. Donald Trump is the new president-elect, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Just because I believe in Trump’s political ideas doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says. Trump won’t ruin America. For example, I agree with his strategies for foreign and economic policies, such as increasing our military and placing a tariff on Chinese exports which will help our economy. I disagree with his “speak as soon as it comes to mind” behavior and “locker room talk” but his political stance is what’s more important to think about when choosing your candidate.

Before the election day, I’d never heard anyone speak in support of Donald Trump at STA. Usually, I feel as though all opinions are respected here at STA, but when one side outnumbers the other, it can get harder and harder to speak your mind. I realized how wrong this was when we talked about the issue in American History. Now the polls are finalized, and it’s a sore subject. All those who spoke negatively are wondering. ‘How did he win? Who could’ve voted for him?’ It was those silent in the background.

It seems that throughout the campaigning period, even the slightest idea of favoring Trump was wrong and shot down. I know I didn’t have the guts to speak up and say “Yes, I would vote for Donald Trump,” and neither did any of my classmates because of the social retaliation that would follow.

The social retaliation is a constant battle that I’m tired of trying to fight, one of which we need to get over and the sooner, the better. By being shot down and not talked about beforehand, it’s even more awkward to speak about it now.

Why is it okay to speak negatively about Trump but not so about Hillary? Hillary supporters speak freely and are be able to say what they want without being questioned. But as a Trump supporter, it would be crazy to even speak my mind. I respect a valid opinion so I expect that in return. Don’t criticize my rights to freedom of opinion and expression simply because I would cast my vote differently.

I’m waiting for someone to state their political beliefs of Hillary Clinton, that they agree with this policy or agree with her plan for this, not simply that they think “Donald Trump is worse”.

And for those who say they’re moving to Canada? I’ll believe it when I see it.