2016-17 News Feed Compilation: Issue 3

Current events from around the world, country, state and city.


In the town of Salhyia, members of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police detain and question suspects who were coming from the direction of Mosul, Nov. 4. photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

by Lily Manning, News Editor

In the world

Iraqi forces and their allies are fighting back against ISIS in order to reclaim Mosul, a city that has been controlled by the terror group for nearly two years. Mosul lies close to the Syrian and Turkish border and is the second largest city in Iraq and heavy in oil, making it key to ISIS’ funding. If the Iraq’s siege is successful, Mosul would be the final ISIS stronghold in Iraq to fall.

In the U.S.

83 demonstrators were arrested after protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline on Oct. 24. The arrests are the most recent in the growing standoff between those opposed to the pipeline and law enforcement. Protesters say the pipeline will hurt the environment and exploit historically Native American tribal lands while Energy Access Partners, the pipeline developer, says the line will make crude oil more accessible.

In Missouri

A juvenile justice center in southwestern Missouri has teamed up with Drury University to offer weekly music therapy in hopes of behavior improvements. Chief officers at the center say it’s too early to tell if there has been much improvement, but they hope it will ease the burdens on youth going through the justice system.

In Kansas City

A new KC initiative named “Love Thy Neighbor” is aiming to help elderly fix their homes when they don’t have the physical or financial means to. The program helps senior citizens address housing code violations that would otherwise land them in court. Kansas City’s Municipal Housing Court has a fund to help low-income households with violations, but this new program fills a gap that the fund doesn’t cover.