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Teachers 101: Shana Prentiss

Class is in session, here's our second lesson.

by Alex Davis, Videographer, Multimedia Editor

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Hello everybody and welcome to Teachers 101, a videoblog series dedicated to featuring the teachers of Saint Teresa’s Academy. I’m Alex Davis and I will be your guide as we take a deeper look into our teachers’ heads to get to know them a little bit more than what we see in the classroom. For our second lesson, let’s get to know fine arts teacher Shana Prentiss and her story.


If you have a teacher that you’d liked to be featured on Teachers 101, leave a comment down below.

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One Response to “Teachers 101: Shana Prentiss”

  1. Maura Graham on October 26th, 2016 9:23 am

    You should feature Miss Sirridge!!!


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Teachers 101: Shana Prentiss