“Catching Kelce” offers a personal alternative to dating television series

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce draws viewers to E! for his dating show “Catching Kelce” by his vibrant personality.


photo courtesy of E!

by Sophie Sakoulas, Staff Photographer

“Catching Kelce” is a dating show about Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce trying to find love. When I first heard about the show from a commercial on E!, I was intrigued by the concept of the show which is fitting, seeing as I love “The Bachelor.” I was excited to watch the show premiere because it featured one of the few Chiefs players I know. Potentially, there is good publicity to come for the Kansas City Chiefs with “Catching Kelce” from America seeing another side of Kelce, a more compassionate and personal view. It is surprising that there are 50 eligible women from 50 different states competing to win the chance to date Travis Kelce. Compared to a traditional dating show like “The Bachelor,” there seems to be an overwhelming amount of women. Kelce is not shy about showing his lively personality on the show. He keeps the series light and fun by performing his touchdown dances, a Michael Jackson impression, and showing off his quick wit.

Kelce believes that he is ready for love and is ready to settle down according to E!. The show was filmed in the off season of the NFL in Los Angeles, California. Kelce started filming the show weeks after he signed a 45 million dollar 5 year extension contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. In the “Catching Kelce Preview Special,” Kelce believes that his football career is the reason that he hasn’t been able to find love. I believe this statement Kelce is making because the NFL is very time consuming, but on the other hand, majority of NFL players have wives or girlfriends. With that in mind, Kelce has never had an opportunity to be exposed to 50 women who are all vying for a date with him. Kelce plans to narrow the 50 contestants down to one woman that will move to Kansas City with him when football training started in July.

Senior Olivia Woodbury’s uncle Adam Bold is the producer of “Catching Kelce.” According to Woodbury, Bold really likes Travis and how he has a down to earth personality and is really funny. Woodbury has seen the show and really likes it so far.

“It’s still really dramatic and there are a lot of crazy girls on it,” Woodbury said, comparing “Catching Kelce” to “The Bachelor.”

Woodbury agrees that there is as much, if not more, drama than “The Bachelor.” In the Los Angeles mansion, where all the women are staying, tensions rise as some women get closer to Kelce and others are sent home.

“Catching Kelce” has the same purpose of “The Bachelor” in that both television series have several women attempting to win over one man’s heart. The bachelors and Kelce send women home each week to narrow it down.

“It’s pretty similar,” Woodbury said. “They go on dates with Travis and also have one-on-ones [dates]. It’s a little different though because on this show, there is one girl from each state, and then 20 girls went home the first night, so that’s the only difference really.”

There are aspects to “Catching Kelce” that are original ideas never seen on reality television before, including that no one knows when or how many women are being sent home each week. In the first episode, the women were shocked when Kelce revealed that they each had only 60 seconds to make an impression to decide which 20 girls would be sent home on the first day. Instead of rose ceremonies shown on “The Bachelor,” “Catching Kelce”instills the theme of football by having elimination lineups. The women in the lineup are sent to Kelce’s house and he decides which women are cut from the “team.”

“Catching Kelce” is an alternative to “The Bachelor” because he is someone that most people know and therefore will enjoy to watch. Most of the bachelors have been contestants on “The Bachelorette.” For those people who aren’t up-to-date with all of the seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” it can be difficult to follow along if you aren’t keeping up with each season. With “Catching Kelce”, people know who Kelce is with minor prior football knowledge. For those who don’t know who Travis Kelce is, it isn’t hard to get to know him and learn to love him from seeing “Catching Kelce.” It shows a personal side of Kelce within the first couple minutes of the premiere. He displays his loud charisma with his humor and sense of style. Kelce maintains the light and amusing vibe of the show by portraying his likable self which appeals to all viewers.

The television series premiered Oct. 5 and is on E! Wednesdays at 9/8 Central.