Educational testing service estimates AP scores for seniors

The four seniors received their estimated scores this week.


Seniors used practice books to practice the short answer section. US History teacher Craig Whitney shared many examples of short answer questions in class. photo by Katie Donnellan

by Katie Donnellan, Sports Editor

Four seniors receive estimates of their AP US History exam scores from the Educational Testing Service. ETS had lost the AP short answer portion of the exam for seniors Mary LePique, Nicole Maus, Maura Knopke and Bailey Mitchell.

According to LePique, ETS had told the seniors they would have to follow AP’s retest policy and either retake the whole exam months after the original exam or receive a refund. ETS had misinformed the students of the retest policy, which actually included an option of receiving a projected score of 50 percent of the student’s test was not lost. ETS had told the seniors they needed 50 percent of each of the three parts when they only needed 50 percent of the entire test.

“The additional content on the test could have either made or broke my chance at credit,” LePique said.

According to LePique the estimated score can transfer for college credit just like a normal AP score, except students scores could either be a lot lower or higher than they would have been depending on how well they performed on the missing section.

ETS loses 1 percent of scores every year and LePique was disappointed with their lack of care to find her score. She believes the lack of requirements to become an ETS grader are a part of the problem.

The four seniors received their estimated scores this week by mail.