DartTube: Auction Skit 2016

Teachers performed a skit Sep. 29 in hopes that students will sell tickets for the annual raffle.

by Anne Claire Tangen, Staff Writer

The annual auction skit took place Sep. 29 in the auditorium. The auction skit introduces the prizes for selling raffle tickets by having teachers perform a top secret but highly anticipated skit. Among these prizes are the famous “raffle pants,” which STA students can wear to school instead of a uniform skirt for the winter months if they sell ten raffle tickets. Other prizes include free Betty Rae’s ice cream and a Waldo Pizza lunch if five tickets are sold by Oct. 11, $100 for the top seller in each class and the first place class wins a jeans and yard day. Tickets are sold for a chance to win the grand prize of either tuition for one year at STA or $10,000 in cash.