First class meetings of the year

Class meetings began this week starting off with news and announcements for the year.


Students play games at their sophmore class meeting. photo courtesy of Natalie Barber

by Annabelle Meloy, Staff Writer

The first class meetings kicked off this Friday with activities ranging from news announcements to dance parties. The freshmen were also acclimated to class meetings with their first one ever.

Freshmen were introduced to class meetings with a guest speaker and were given some more news about the upcoming year.

Sophomores started off the year with a few announcements and games. The class watched a quick video introducing the new transfer students and played a game matching traits written on a piece of paper to the people around them. The class meeting was wrapped up with a dance party.

Class meetings for juniors began with a video explaining the process of their service project and planning ahead for their first year of service. The presentation also included more information about the service fair next week and what the students will need to do for their project.

According to senior Ally Nagle, the senior class got right to business for planning certain upcoming events.

“We talked about things to buy for graduation like class of 2017 apparel and grad party announcement cards,” Nagle said. “We also laid out our next class meetings and discussed that soon we’ll have to choose prom and father daughter themes and plan our retreat.”