Bistro Kids creates new app for STA students lunch experience

Quick and convenient lunch information now at the fingertips of STA students.


A preview of “The Company Kitchen App”. photo by Isabel Shorter

by Isabel Shorter, Staff Writer

Bistro Kids has created an app called “The Company Kitchen App” in hopes of making it easier to buy lunches without having to wait in a long line. The new app can be downloaded in the app store on a mobile device. Once the app is downloaded for free, the student can pay for lunches using the bar-code in the “CK Card” title. Students who purchase their lunch using the bar-code Sept. 15 and Sept. 16 will receive a free dessert.

In order to login on the “Bistro Kids” app, students will need their parents login information. This way, the students can access the money that is deposited into their account and apply it toward their lunch funds, and parents can access the account information as well to view what items have been purchased. This information is located in the tab labeled “Transaction History”. Using the app, parents of STA students can also access how much money is on the student’s account by checking the balance.