Bingham Middle School to be used as green space

Bingham Middle High School is being demolished and will be used as green space for the Waldo area.


The demolition site at Bingham Middle School. photo by Lucy Whittaker

by Lucy Whittaker, staff writer

Bingham Middle High School, at 77th and Wyandotte, is finally being torn down and will be used for green space. It was closed down in 2001 because of asbestos and has been abandoned ever since.

According to KSHB News, the Waldo Tower Homes Association decided to use the 100,000 square foot building as a green space after the demolition is completed.

In 2013, residents in the area rejected the idea to turn the space into a Hen House and then a Walmart.

Midland Wrecking is doing the demolition and is expected to be done either this month or October.