An open letter to the Obama family

Let’s take a moment to reflect on just how amazing our first family is.


by Margaux Renee, Staff Writer

Dear Obamas,

Let’s get my bias out of the way first. I love you guys. My political views align perfectly with the president’s. My love for the first lady and the causes she fights for is unparalleled. My envy for Sasha and Malia’s beauty and brains is also not something I can hide. However, even though I fangirl over you, first family, as most teenage girls would over 5 Seconds of Summer, I will try to tone it down a notch for the sake of this letter. First families have always been expected to embody perfection. The president must have the bravery and intelligence of a great leader, the first lady must be a caring mother figure –  and do so with elegance – and the first children must always be full of promise and poise. But you, as a black first family, have no wiggle room. Conservative Americans are constantly on the edge of their seats waiting for a reason to strip you of your power. Their propaganda includes the infamous birth certificate scandal as well as the fan favorite, the claim that Barack is really a Muslim. Not only have you ignored this racism and disrespect, but you have made monumental, needed change in spite of it.

Recently, a video surfaced of Malia allegedly smoking marijuana at a popular music festival, Lollapalooza, in Chicago, Il. The internet ignited and millions of people voiced their outrage. Sure, I find drug use to be irresponsible too, but the majority of those outraged were merely seizing yet another opportunity to bash you. But Malia, those arguing that you set a terrible example for their children conveniently leave out the fact that you will be attending Harvard University in the fall. You have handled this controversy with class and dignity by not lowering yourself to make any comment. Social media makes conflict so easy and I’m in awe of how you’ve avoided it.

Michelle, you on the other hand, are untouchable. You perfectly fit the description of first lady. You are intelligent, passionate, caring and devoted to the American people. Your work in poverty awareness, healthy eating and physical activity has been revolutionary and far surpassed progress made by past first ladies. Yet, I think you have made greater change by being the role model that you are. You are the perfect example for every girl in America, not to mention young girls of color, who previously had not seen a woman who looked like them in such a position of power. Even your fashion and beauty have shaped the nation. The standard of beauty in America has always been white and you have not only defied the norm, but you have redefined it.

You as a family will always be near and dear to my heart. From Michelle’s Car Pool Karaoke with James Corden to the President’s effortlessly delivered jokes at each White House Correspondents’ Dinner, you have charmed the nation with your wonderful sense of humor. You have truly created a legacy and for that I thank you. I thank you for being so devoted to the future and the America we want for our children. I thank you for taking a stand on gun violence. I thank you for affirming the truth that love is love and finally, I thank you for doing so with unimaginable grace and style. You have made great change to be proud of and during your last days in office, I can only hope for a president that will not only honor but build upon your legacy, whomever she may be.