Saying goodbye isn’t that bad

Thank you for your guidance these last twelve years.


by Gabby Ayala, Staff Photographer

I arrive at my best friend’s house at exactly 7:30 a.m. Tears have already filled my eyes as I walk into her house that  I have considered my second home over the years. I put on a fake smile so she can see that I am happy for her. Happy that she is going somewhere new and starting new memories without me. We make small talk, trying to avoid the fact that she is leaving for college in less than 30 minutes. After half an hour of stalling her from leaving the town where we drove up and down the streets, singing songs at the top of our lungs, and finding new places to explore. We are standing in front of each other knowing that it’s time to say goodbye.

Ever since she graduated, I knew that this day would come. We don’t say anything, we just hug. Being the emotional person I am, I start to cry and so does her entire family. After 12 years of being inseparable, it’s time to part ways. Finally we separate, she goes into the car, gives me one last wave, and soon her car isn’t visible anymore.

At that moment in time, I was upset, thinking I would be lost without her guidance. Now I have accepted that we won’t always be in the same place at the same time, but that doesn’t mean our friendship is over.

Some of my best friendships are with people who are in grades below or above me. While it can be scary thinking that upperclassmen want nothing to do with underclassmen, it isn’t true. Being friends with someone who is in a different grade has greatly impacted my life. I know I can always lean on her even if I don’t hang out with her everyday. She has taught me how to handle friend group problems, keep up on school work, and staying true to who I am. Having relationships with people in other classes has opened up my eyes to see their various opinions and how they approached the obstacles that I also faced.
Although I know that taking on senior year without my best friend by my side will be difficult, her  guidance leaves me feeling hopeful and optimistic about making the most of my last year in high school. Our relationship has shown me the importance of high school friendships. And as a result, I hope to form meaningful bonds with underclassmen at St. Teresa’s. Whether I can act as a role model to a freshman, an encouraging teammate in sports, or just a friendly face in the hallway, I want all girls at our school to be able to experience the unbreakable bond of the sisterhood no matter what grade level you are.