Trump wins the Nevada caucus

At the Nevada caucus Feb. 23, Donald Trump was victorious, marking his third consecutive win in an early-voting state.


Republican candidate Donald Trump reacts while meeting with supporters at a campaign rally Monday in Las Vegas. photo courtesy of ABC News

by Lily Manning, Social Media Editor

Donald Trump won the republican Nevada caucus Feb. 23, marking his third straight victory in the early-voting stage. Trump has now had victories in New England, the South and the West, strengthening his position in many regions in the presidential race.

Trump came out 22 points ahead of Marco Rubio, who was followed by Ted Cruz. Both Cruz and Rubio have been attacking each other recently, struggling to present themselves as Trump’s biggest challenger. John Kasich and Ben Carson did not appear to be in any position to win the caucus, but both managed to pull away voters from Cruz and Rubio.