Juniors on Varsity Volleyball Team

Four juniors are heading to the Volleyball State Championships.


The STA varsity volleyball team huddles up during a timeout during their home game against Sion Sept. 16. The Stars would go on to finish 2nd in the class 4 MSHSAA state tournament. photo by Kat Mediavilla

by Violet Cowdin, Staff photographer

This year, four of the varsity volleyball players are juniors. Gabrielle Wimes, Jacqueline Smith, Katlyn Giefer and Mary Keller are all in the Class of 2017 and are representing their class in the Volleyball State Championships Oct. 30-31. Many of their fellow classmates, specifically juniors, are extremely excited and proud of them.

Junior Olivia Woodbury, says she is “really happy for them” and hopes that they win. Junior Helen Krause is also excited for the team, saying that she thinks going to the State Championships is a “really good experience for them.”

Not only is the Class of 2017 excited for the Juniors to be going to State Championships, but so is the entire school.

“Because there are so many seniors that have excelled in volleyball this year, I’m surprised that the juniors are keeping up with them,” senior Darby Pedersen said. “It’s really exciting.”  

The girls will be playing against Ozark High School in order to determine whether they will gain the Volleyball State Championship title.