Sophomore class meetings: Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Sophomores watched Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and learned about the HOBY Leadership Seminar.


by Zoe Butler, Social Media Editor

This Friday, sophomores met for their second class meeting. At this class meeting, the sophomores narrowed down their t-shirt choices to three designs. The sophomores will vote to decide which t-shirt to get for the entire grade.

The four sophomore representatives, Mary Kate Armstrong, Sophie Bunch, Claire Molloy and Hannah Steen, chose the movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior to be watched for the rest of the meeting to get in the mood for Teresian.

Before the movie started, Mrs. Johnson, the class mediator, introduced an opportunity for leadership skills called the HOBY Leadership Seminar. It is a way for sophomores to participate in unique leadership training, service-learning and motivation-building exercises.

The HOBY Leadership Seminar takes place June 3 to June 6, 2016 at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau. In order to be selected, you must complete a 100-word or less essay with the theme being “Describe the most rewarding and challenging aspects of being a leader in your school and community” to be submitted to Mrs. Johnson. This essay must be submitted by November 13.

The HOBY Leadership Seminar has a cost and the payment and registration is due by December 1, 2015.