STEM Club’s First Project Design

STEM Club member Freshman Evelyn Moser created and printed the first 3D design that could be the item given to families at Open House Nov. 8.


by Maddy Medina, Print Editor of Photography

STEM Club continues to partner with Science Quiz Bowl in working to design an object with the 3D printers to hand out at Open House Nov. 8, as requested by President Nan Bone. The designs are meant to celebrate STA’s 150th year.

At the monthly meeting Sept. 11, STEM Club members used a “Shrinky Dink” machine, after learning the science of it, to create different possible designs for their project.

Students are using the program “Google SketchUp” to create their own designs for the object. Freshman Evelyn Moser, a member of both STEM Club and Science Quiz Bowl, finished and used the 3D printer to print the first possible design Sept. 14.

Moser is one of a core of four students, including senior Anna Bennett from Science Quiz Bowl, junior Anna Barone from STEM Club and Science Quiz Bowl and sophomore Claire Witt from Science Quiz Bowl, focusing on this project. Now, the students are working on “cleaning up” the first design, because it is hand-made and not previously programmed into the printer, as well as trying new designs.