Nurses are underappreciated for their work

Nurses are under appreciated for the role they play in the hospital.


by Lily Manning, Social Media Editor

Recently in the news, two hosts from the daytime TV show The View have been facing backlash after making comments that offended nurses all across the country. This controversy has made me begin to think about the role of nurses in the hospital. Although sometimes hard to see, nurses play huge part in our lives and are extremely under appreciated for all that they do.

During the Miss America Pageant, Miss Colorado gave a monologue on her job as a nurse. Following this, Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, co-hosts on The View, made demeaning comments about the role of nurses, even questioning why she would have a “doctor’s stethoscope” around her neck. Though both have since apologized, many across the nation are angered by these comments, particularly nurses.

My mom has been a nurse at Truman Medical Center for the past 14 years. She works three 12 hour shifts a week and comes home every night exhausted, telling stories from her day that range from being unbearably sad to outright crazy.  She witnesses horrible traumas: from gunshot wounds to motor vehicle accidents.  Across the country there are millions of others with this same occupation of caring for the sick and wounded, possibly not even receiving a thank you for the work they do.

When going to get your annual physical, who is it that checks your blood pressure, temperature, weight and height? A nurse.  Who gives you your flu shot every fall? A nurse. You break your arm and have to go to the emergency room, who orders the x-ray, and then casts your arm? A nurse.  Though doctors play a huge role in your health by diagnosing and assessing patients, it’s the nurses that come in after the doctor and actually treat the patient, giving them medicine and following up on the doctor’s orders.  Physicians would not be able to do their job without the partnership they have with nurses.
Not only do nurses play a huge role in the behind the scenes work of the hospital, but also on the front lines as first responders. They might not always ask for recognition for their work, but they deserve to be respected for doing the incredible job that they do in helping others and saving lives every day. This fall when getting your flu shot, think about the nurse giving it to you. Even through just a smile and a thank you, you can show your appreciation for all they do.