Confessions of a Black Girl: Two-way street?

Do black people have questions about white people?

by Torie Richardson, Editor in Chief

Hey everyone! A lot of you guys have told me that you want to watch my blog, but can’t watch the video, which sucks! I’ve decided to put a written form of my blog in each post so you can read it. It won’t be an actual transcript of the video, since I don’t always read directly from what I write when I’m filming, but it’ll get you pretty close. Thanks for watching/reading!


Welcome back to Confessions of a Black Girl. Thanks for the questions, you guys rock! So I’ll deal with them one at a time, and feel free to add more! Some of you asked questions about my hair, and I’m going to just refer you back to my video. I could probably make a whole new video talking about my hair, but I also don’t want to take up that much time talking about it, even though I could, just because there are a slew of topics I could talk about and I don’t want to get stuck on one.


Today, I’ll answer the question:

“Do black people have questions for white people, or is it a one-way street?”


From personal experience, I’d say even for an African-American who grows up in a black community and doesn’t have much exposure to white people themselves is still exposed to white culture which manifests itself on television, in advertisements, even music. In contrast, since blacks are in the minority, it’s pretty easy to remain ignorant to things about our culture that aren’t about gangs or fried chicken.


On the other hand, my opinion doesn’t represent all black people. You can’t watch this blog and think “now I know everything about black people that there is to know. In the same way, I’m not assuming that just because my favorite television shows feature white main characters means I know how all white people behave.


So, to answer your question: do black people have questions about white people? I’m sure they do. Personally, I don’t, but my best friends are white, I go to a predominately white school. Everything I had a question on has probably been resolved since I started going to a school with mostly caucasians in the third grade. That doesn’t mean I know everything about you, personally. I can’t assume that you like Starbucks or Uggs just because you’re white, and hopefully you don’t assign stereotypical behavior to me because of the color of my skin either.


Do other black people have questions about white people? I’ve heard ignorant comments about white people from black people, but those stem from intentional ignorance, not a genuine lack of understanding, and I think those are different. Overall, if we do have questions, it’s not as many as you do about us. If you have a question for me, ask in the google form or leave a comment. The point of this blog is to show you we’re not so different after all, so ask a question, and I’ll see you next time.