STEM Club’s New Project

STA’s STEM Club will begin working on designing and creating an object with the new 3D printers that will celebrate STA’s 150th year.


STA recently acquired three MakerBot 3D printers. photo by Maddy Medina

by Maddy Medina, Print Editor of Photography

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, Club will hold their first meeting Sept. 11 to welcome new members and to determine leadership positions for the year.

The moderators for STEM Club, science teachers Terry Connor and Mary Montag, claim the students’ first project will be to design and create something, using the new 3D printers, that celebrates STA’s 150th anniversary. These objects will be given out to families at St. Teresa’s Open House Nov. 8.

STEM Club will join with students in Science Quiz Bowl, which Connor and Montag moderate as well, to work together on this project using design resources such as Google SketchUp and Blender.