STA students auditioning for KC Metro All District Choir

Sixteen choir members will be preselected to try out for the KC Metro All District Choir.


The STA concert choir opens a show at the fall choir concert held in Oct. 2014. The choir consisted of current STA sophomores. photo by Siobhan Miller

by Elsa Feigenbaum, Copy Editor of Sports

The STA choir will send 16 members to audition for the KC Metro All District Choir Oct. 3. In order to audition for KC Metro, students will first have to audition at STA in to determine the top 16 candidates that will earn the right to continue. According to choir director Steve Perry, these students are yet to be determined.

“It’s like an audition for an audition,” junior choir member Mary LePique said. “It’s [sending out] the best that we have to offer, but then those people are absorbed into all the other people that are auditioning.”

According to LePique, these 16 will be made up of 8 sopranos, singers in the highest vocal range, and 8 altos, singers in the second highest vocal range.

The STA choir will also be holding their fall concert Oct. 6.