First junior class meeting of the year

Service projects and college testing were discussed at the first junior class meeting this year.


Juniors gather in the auditorium for their first class meeting of the year. photo compiled by Violet Cowdin

by Violet Cowdin, Staff Photographer

The junior class had their first class meeting Sept. 4. This year’s junior class representatives Mackenzie O’Guin, Alex Frisch, Madi Winfield and Christina Kirk lead the meeting. Ms. Hirner and Ms. Good are the junior class moderators and have total faith in the recently elected class representatives to successfully lead the class.

According to juniors Abby Rose and Gloria Mun, the class discussed college planning, college visits and service week.

“I’m also pretty excited about how now we can get our 30 hours [of service] through a mission trip,” Rose said.

To some, the meeting was a lot of information to take in.

“To be honest, it kind of stressed me out just a little bit,” Mun said.

In the upcoming months, the junior class will also begin talk of their much awaited junior ring dance theme, which will occur in April.