Maddie Loehr
Hey guys, welcome to my staff bio! My name is Madeline (or Maddie) Loehr and I am a co-photo editor and page designer! I am also lucky enough to be running a vlog (it’s called Dart Does, check it out!) You can usually find me listening to true crime podcasts or buying taquitos from QuickTrip. Since joining staff last year, the Dart has become one of my favorite things. It has helped me realize my passion for taking photos and making videos and it has also helped me face my fears (if you know, you know). Without Dart, I would still be an introverted little gal who would rather die than even think about sharing her thoughts and projects with the outside world. I’ve truly come out of my shell and I couldn’t be happier! Journalism has taken me on so many adventures, with so many more to come, and without it, I wouldn’t have known some of my favorite people! I’m incredibly excited to spend my senior year being fully #darticated and I hope I can inspire you with my content!

Maddie Loehr, Photo Editor

Apr 23, 2019
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