Jeannie O’Flaherty
Jeannie O’Flaherty here, your home-girl and biggest fear (I’m not actually scary, my sarcasm just tends to be taken the wrong way by some.) You could say I’m cool, but that might be interpreted the wrong way, leading people to think my body temperature is lower than the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. My body temperature actually is normal, but the rest of me is not [=

I’ll be writing for the Dart this year, hopefully getting news to you and sharing some of my innermost emotions. I’m really looking for love.

If you cast me in a movie, I’d play Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. Like her, I love overalls, hate dresses, get into trouble and often find myself exploring the outdoors.
I enjoy music, art, animals, a good vanilla latte, outer space and all things nature.

Jeannie O'Flaherty, Staff Writer

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