My Love for The 1975

The 1975 has become my favorite band and here’s why.

by Katelyn Buckley, Staff Member

 The 1975 is a group of guys who have been creating music together since they were 13. Although I haven’t been a fan for that long, it feels like I have. The band first was introduced to me when I saw someone talking about their tattoo that says “Modernity has failed us!” They were talking about how this tattoo was from The 1975’s song “Love It If We Made It,” I looked up the song on Spotify, put in my earphones and listened with open ears. Immediately I fell in love with the song. I added it to all of my playlists and any time I got into a car, that song would play. From my discovery of “Love It If We Made It,” I started listening to more The 1975 songs. I played one of their most popular songs, “Robbers”. I loved it. I then came to the realization that I didn’t just love these two songs individually, I loved The 1975. I would be wrong in saying that I didn’t have help from one of my friends in catapulting into The 1975. Walking into school after the release of their latest album “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” I was immediately told that there was something that she needed to show me. I sat down with my friend during our activity period and she immediately put her headphones in my ear. I was told in a muffled voice through the headphones to listen to this song. It was “About You,”. Hearing the first verse “I know a place,” I had to stop everything I was doing to take it in. My friend gave me an “I-told-you-so” look when it was finished. Next up was “Happiness.” This one I listened to in The Commons. The instrumental sounds at the start of this song and its upbeat vibe was so contradictory yet complimentary to “About You.” I finished the last four periods of my day humming the songs and asking my classmates if they have heard it yet. I decided to listen to the album from start to finish when I got home from school that day. I could barely focus on my math homework trying to take in the songs The 1975 had just released. After I listened to the entire album, the only thing I thought was that I was sad it was over. From “Looking for Somebody (To Love),” to “All I Need To Hear,” I knew that “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” would be one of my favorite albums. Although these songs are so amazing, my favorite was “I’m In Love With You.” This song, in my opinion, matches the typical sound that people are used to hearing from the Manchester band. Between the catchy choruses and borderline comical verses, I knew that this was going to take number one on my ranking of songs on “Being Funny In A Foreign Language.” After that day, every time I plug my phone into my car, it’s more often than not a 1975 song. When I drive to get coffee with my friends after school, the band’s first self-titled album is usually playing. When I put my headphones in when I get ready, I usually skip the other songs in my playlist until my phone plays a The 1975 song. Ever since I heard “Love It If We Made It,” The 1975 has become a big part of my life.