My Pumpkin Pie Passion

In my opinion pumpkin pie is the best pie and also the perfect fall snack. read on to find out why.


by Maya Tule, Staff Writer


     Pumpkin pie. There are so many things you can do with a pumpkin: Carve it, paint it, make pumpkin seeds, but my favorite is to make pumpkin pie. 

      It is Thanksgiving weekend. My cousin from Louisiana has spent the night at my house and we stay up all night watching movies. In the morning, the weather has a nice chill that is absolutely perfect and the house smells so good. As we start walking downstairs the sweet, warm aroma begins to get stronger. As we come into the kitchen we see our parents, aunts and cousins all cooking and baking. Then we see it, the perfectly cooked pumpkin pie. We immediately try to get in the kitchen and take a bite, but they tell us no. They say we have to wait till dinner but now that we see the pie and smell it, the task is nearly impossible. Yet we resign ourselves to waiting.

      As the day goes on, the family keeps cooking and baking and we start to get ready for dinner. As everyone arrives, my cousin and I have one thing on our minds: that pumpkin pie. When we can’t stand to wait any longer, we take matters into our own hands. While everyone is distracted talking to each other, we sneak into the kitchen and cut a slice of the pie for ourselves. We put it on a plate and ran upstairs to my room before anyone could stop us and we continued to eat the perfect baked pumpkin pie while turning on a movie for the night. 

  Pumpkin pie. In my opinion, it is the best pie. It’s full of flavor and has such a nice texture to it.  Every bite is a perfect one and there is no debate about it. It’s also the perfect pie and desert for the fall and Thanksgiving season.