New Staff 2021-2022

A massive congratulations to the students listed below who will join the Dart, Dart News Online and Teresian publications staffs during the next academic year.

The Dart New Staff Members

Class of 2022: Kathryn Hart and Miriam Parsa 

Class of 2023: Taylor Hayes, Kaylee Lary and Charlotte Malone 

Class of 2024: Tierney Flavin, Lauren Ford, Lina Kilgore, Anna Massman, Annie McShane, Anna Stout and Megan Turley


The Dart Returning Staff Members

Class of 2022: Lauren Brackney, Katie Massman, Sophia Rall, Lily Sage, Becca Speier and Sydney Waldron

Class of 2023: Ellie Buttell, Mara Callahan, Lucy Doerflinger, Kyra Fieger and Caroline Hinkebein


The Teresian New Staff Members

Class of 2022: Grace Uecker

Class of 2023: Liz Connell, Christina Kerr, Sophia Mock and Clara Truebner

Class of 2024: Catherine Gyllenborg, Gracie Jacobs, Grace Reib, Sarah Schieber, Marygrace Seymore and Veronica Wilson


The Teresian Returning Staff Members

Class of 2022: Amelia Arrieta, Audrey Flavin, Emily Franklin, Anna Lack, Grace Lawson, Ava Lystad,  Isabella Neuburger, Alexandria Speier and Kya Vulgamott

Class of 2023: Samantha Balling and Emma Bridges