The top haunted locations in KC

The Dart compiled a list of the supposed most haunted places around KC, according to Trip Savvy and Fox 4 KC.


A statue sits outside of St. Mary’s Church Aug. 23. The Episcopalian church was built in 1886 and supposedly haunted by Father Jardine, who started the church. photo by Ella Norton

by Ella Norton , Editor-in-chief

With Halloween coming up, the Dart compiled a list of some of the most supposedly haunted places around Kansas City according to Fox 4 KC and Trip Savvy. While no one will ever truly know if there are ghosts, here are some of the most common rumors. 

  1. John Wornall House: The John Wornall House was built in 1858 and  was used around the Civil War Era and was used as a headquarters for soldiers according to Wornall Majors House Museum website.  People have reported seeing soldiers walking around the balcony and the property. 
    1. Located at: 6115 Wornall Rd
  2. Alexander Majors Home: The Alexander Majors Home is a surviving antebellum house. People believe it is haunted by Louisa Johnson who spent her life taking care of the house and died in 1979.  The museum has ghost tours during the fall. 
    1. Located at: 8201 State Line Rd
  3. Muehlebach Hotel: The hotel opened in 1916. People believe the ghost who lives there is the “Blue Lady,” an actress from the 1920s who is still searching for her lover. 
    1. Located at: 200 W 12th St
  4. Hotel Savoy:  The Hotel Savoy was built in 1888 and people have reported multiple reports of seeing the ghost of a young Victorian Girl. Reports of a paranormal activity date over the last 100 years. There have also been reports of objects acting strange, particularly the elevators according to employees. 
    1. Located at: 219 W 9th St,
  5. Folly Theater: The Folly Theater opened in 1900. People have seen a man wearing a bowler hat, believed to be Joe Donegan, the old manager of the Folly Theater according to Haunted Places. People have also seen a woman in a dressing gown rushing toward the stage. There have also been reports of paranormal activity outside of the theater.  
    1. Located at: 300 W 12th St
  6. Union Station: Union Station was finished in 1914. Employees have reported seeing a woman in a black dress who disappears down the hallway, hearing train whistles without a train in sight and seeing travelers with suitcases wandering around. 
    1. Located at 30 W Pershing Rd. 
  7. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was built in 1857 and people believe that the odd sounds, such as footsteps, are caused by Father Henry David Jardine who died in 1886 according to an article by The New York Times. Father Jardine’s ashes are buried behind the organ at the church. 
    1. Located at: 1307 Holmes 
  8. Epperson House: The Epperson family lived in the house in the 1920s. People have reported seeing a woman walk around and hearing organ sounds. People think the woman is potentially the adopted daughter of the Epperson family, Harriet Barse. The house was featured in Top 5 U.S. haunted houses on the TV show “Unsolved Mysteries.” It is now the property of University of Missouri-Kansas City. 
    1. Located at: 5200 Cherry St. 
  9. Coates House Hotel: The Coates House Hotel was built in 1827. In 1978, a fire broke out killing 20 homeless people using it as a shelter. People have reported seeing shadowy figures and appliances working without anyone using them. Recently, it was remodeled and is now apartments for lease. 
    1. Located at: 1005 Broadway St