FBLA travels to the National Fall Leadership Conference

FBLA spent four days in Chicago, Ill. and attended workshops for leadership, business and professional development.


FBLA members pose for a group picture before the National Fall Leadership Convention dance Nov. 2. The members chose neon as their theme. photo courtesy of Alicia Stewart

by Claudia Benge, Sports Editor

The Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, left for the National Fall Leadership Conference on  Nov. 1. FBLA is the nation’s largest student business organization with over 230,000 members across the country. The club focuses on business and education in relationship with leadership. STA’s chapter of FBLA is moderated by social studies teacher Alicia Stewart and includes 97 members.   

Eighteen FBLA members departed from STA in vans and arrived in Chicago, Ill. for the conference.

The trip included both the tourist sites of Chicago and all the events that the conference offered. Students shopped on Michigan Avenue and visited Navy Pier and the Bean. Within the conference, students participated in workshops. Each student got to choose which workshops they wanted to attend. Workshops were geared toward preparation for careers in business, professional development, leadership and college applications. As a group, students listened to keynote speakers who spoke about motivation and how to work toward goals.

The convention also offered a mixer, or dance for the schools attending the conference.

“One of my favorite things is that STA chooses their own theme for the dance,” Stewart said. “This year’s theme was neon. The girls dressed in bright colors and decorated their hair with glitter. No other schools dressed in themes, but the girls decided to have their own fun.”

FBLA arrived back on campus Sunday at 10:30 p.m.