Wellness Week promotes a healthy lifestyle

Through out the week of April 16 through 19, Healthy Living Club, created an event called “Wellness Week.”


Eating disorder survivor Jennifer Hannon speaks to students April 18 about her experiences with eating disorders. photo by Aspen Cherrito

by Aspen Cherrito, Instagram and Facebook Editor

Various activities from coloring pages in the Library on Monday to selling healthy smoothies in the Commons on Thursday took place for Wellness Week, a Healthy Living Club promoted event.

Healthy Living Club Vice President, Arleigh Perkin’s main focus was to raise awareness of the importance of living an overall healthy lifestyle, including both mental and physical health.

“Wellness Week was a great way to provide time for STA students to relax, consider the significance of mental health, and get some physical activity,” said Perkins.

On April 18, students had the opportunity to listen to science teacher Renee Blake’s daughter speak about her experiences with an eating disorder and Healthy Living Club members will be selling smoothies in the Commons to raise money for the Thalia House April 23, which provides young women support for eating disorder recovery.