Wellness Week starts off with coloring

The Healthy Living Club started off Wellness Week with coloring in the Library.


Various posters were hung around school promoting Wellness Week. The first day began with coloring pages in the library. photo by Aspen Cherrito

by Kailee Ford, Twitter Editor

The Healthy Living Club kicked off Wellness Week with coloring pages in the library Monday. Wellness Week is to let students address their own mental and physical health.

Member of the Healthy Living Club and junior Jane Kincaid says that Wellness Week was a well-timed event since students seemed stressed out in the last few weeks.

“Everyone could use a little stress-relieving,” Kincaid said. “This was just small thing we could do to give everyone a break.”

The club chose to do coloring since it is a known stress reliever. Kincaid says that they chose coloring to be part of Wellness Week so that every part of students’ health is incorporated into the week.

“We chose to do coloring pages because we and many others find coloring very peaceful and stress-relieving,” Kincaid said.