Students stage walk out to advocate for gun control

Students advocating for gun control organized a walk out in honor of the victims of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.


Students hold signs that say “Live and Let Live” during the organized walk out to protest gun violence on March 7. photo by Madeline Loehr

by Lucy Hoop, Photographer

Students performed a walk out during period 9 classes on March 7 to protest gun violence. This walk out is one of many events bringing awareness to gun violence following the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida Feb. 14. Those participating in the walk out gathered in the quad in front of the M&A Building.

Junior Liv Davison, the Vice President of Human Dignity Club, spoke to the crowd. 

“No matter your thoughts on gun control, being out here with us means you know there must be change,” Davison said.

By staging the walkout, Davison hopes to draw attention to gun violence and inspire her fellow students to bring change. She then encouraged everyone to sign the petition to set “sensible gun restrictions.”

Kansas City’s mayor, Sly James, attended the walk out and spoke to students about fighting for their future. 

“[You are going to] decide what this country is going to be like when it’s time for you to take over and run it,” James said.

He encouraged the audience to do their own part to make their lives better. Afterwards, James conversed and shook the hands of students.

Taking the podium next was Scott Taylor, Kansas City Council member, to applaud students for advocating for change in gun laws.

“While we’ve been advocating loudly for you, they’re not listening, and so I really want to applaud you for standing up today, for getting your message out because I think they will listen to you,” Taylor said. 

This event was organized by Human Dignity Club, Cultural Diversity Club, Social Justice Club and other students passionate about gun control. Several posters were placed throughout the school and announcements were made to remind students of the event. Those who did not wish to join were allowed to go the auditorium. Additional walk outs around the country to protest gun violence are scheduled to take place March 14 and April 20.