Students record #mysta video

Kate Jones and Emilie Blanck recorded a video detailing what students love about STA.


Emilie Blanck and Kate Jones recorded various videos of students detailing their favorite parts of STA. photo by Faith Andrews-O’Neal

by Faith Andrews-O'Neal, Writer

Seniors Kate Jones and Emilie Blanck recorded students on Tuesday asking the STA community what they love most about their school. Everyone in the school was invited to the quad to share their favorite aspect of STA.

The goal of the video, titled #mysta, is to showcase all of the positive attributes STA has to offer.

“I’ve seen a lot of negativity on social media,” Jones said. “Something I’ve gotten really passionate about as I’m getting older is showing positivity through social media.”

The two upperclassmen hope the video will exhibit all of the things they have come to love in their time at this school.

“STA means so much to me,” Blanck said. “I really wanted to be a part of making sure that everyone knows that STA is a great school.”

The video will be posted on DartNewsOnline sometime during November and emailed to all alumnae as well.