Caroline Muth: Flying High

Senior Caroline Muth started piloting when she was thirteen, and has not stopped since.


Senior Caroline Muth stands by her plane at Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport on Aug 31. Caroline’s stepfather rents his aircrafts from a plane club. photo by Amy Schaffer

by Aspen Cherrito and Amy Schaffer

How did you get into flying planes?

I think I probably started when my mom got remarried to my stepdad, who has been piloting for his whole life as a hobby not for a commercial airline, and has been part of a flight club in Johnson County. When we started talking to get more comfortable, he would take me to the airbase and would ask if I wanted to go flying with him. He would show me all the controls, what to do for landing, take off and how to talk to the people in the control tower. I’ve been flying for about four years, since I was 13.

How often do you fly?

I haven’t been in a while because college stuff has been crazy, but I try to go at least once a month, since they have a flight club. I go with my dad, we sit around, talk about new planes we have gotten and eat hamburgers. It’s a fun time.

What are the requirements to get a license?

Since I am only 17 and don’t have a license, I have to fly with my dad, but I can control it by myself. It’s required that you have a certain number of hours, about a thousand. I have nowhere near that many, but I am working on that. [After I get all my hours] I have to do a flight test, like a driving test.

What’s your favorite part?

Probably flying around because it takes a while to get up in the air.. Once you get up in the air you get to see everything around in Kansas City and you realize how close everything is. You may think Kansas City is really big, but it’s really not. You can see World’s of Fun, the Plaza and the STA field. It’s crazy how small and peaceful everything is, since you can’t hear anything but the propellers. It’s really nice.

What is the most difficult part about flying planes?

Landing. It seems kinda simple, but if you don’t land right, you’re going to die. My step dad still has to help me with that, it’s pretty scary.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the world of flying?

The first step would be to voice your interest to your parents and your friends because if you are really young you can’t do a lot of things by yourself. Your parents are the ones who help you get started in classes and lessons. I would start with that and hopefully they support you and what you want to do because flying is really cool.

Are you looking into becoming a pilot as a career, or just a hobby?

Right now, just a hobby because for most pilot schools you are talking about going into the Armed Forces, which is something I  don’t want to do. If I do decide to make it a career I would fly for an airline, but as of right now I am trying to get my license.